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Box of Five

This limited collection of rare Lusty Lady prints, handmade by Cammie Toloui, is the first time in 25 years that they have been made available for purchase.

Contained within each box are five 11x14 prints from the artist's collection, and each set is a different complementary grouping from the Lusty Lady series. Many of the prints were part of the 1994 Camerawork Gallery exhibit in San Francisco, the first solo showing of the series only a year after its completion.

All images were printed on archival fibre-based paper, which has a glossy finish. The artist printed each image using her own filed-out negative carrier in an enlarger, which is what gives them her signature ragged-edged framing and makes them unique and un-reproducible.

Each set is offered un-matted in a black box with a cover label. Each print is signed and dated.

Price: $10,000 per set

Download PDF to view each collection (44 MB)

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