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About Gerry

His ad in the SF Weekly newspaper reads "Amateur photographer wants beginner figure model; prints and pocket money," but 60-year-old Gerry is not just an amateur photographer. In fact, the photography is little more than incidental.


"It's the girls I like," he purrs with an English accent.

He likes them young, though not underage, and says that he doesn't pressure them to take off their clothes, but the thought that they might take them off is what excites him.


And then once they have them off?


"Well," he said, "then I get excited thinking that maybe they'll want to have sex with me."


Occasionally, he said, they come on to him, which he thinks is because of their desire for a father-figure.

"Sharon" has been a model for Gerry over the years, posing whenever she needs the money.


"It's only 30 bucks, but that's a couple days of food and besides, Gerry's a nice guy."


She also considers herself an exhibitionist.


"Sometimes I'll get on the bus wearing a miniskirt and no underwear and expose myself to the men sitting across from me. I like to watch them get so excited that they miss their stop."

Gerry gets 10 to 15 calls a week, but doesn't get to meet all of them. "Usually they don't show up," he said. "I don't know, maybe they're scared I'm some kind of weirdo."

-- Cammie Toloui, San Francisco 1992

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